Meaning of the name Adrien:
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Gender: Male
Usage: French
Dark, almost mysterious , but peaceful and intelligent.
someone who is special and amazing and cute
Someone who will try at everything.
Hahah i know an adrien major crush on him hes sweet and fun;)
I watch a show called Miraculous Ladybug and the main characters name is Adrien! He's a super hero! Watch it, it's really cute and the name really suits him.
My name is adrien and I'm funny and cool and down to earth :D and also very social!!
love tht name
Mostly a person you will be friends with for a long time, but can become stubborn at times. May be sarcastic and funny around mostly anybody.
my name means awesome,daredivle,and hansom
Cool Adriens rule cause im a Adrien and im cool
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