Meaning of the name Aidan:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Irish, Scottish, English (Modern)
the name Aidan means "Fiery Spirit"
The Name Aidan just purely means, Fire...Someone with a strong heart
I know An Angel named Aidan, means someone with powerful light like of a kind creature
Aidan is Celtic and is just AWESOME
The most awesome name EVER
my name is Aidan and it means "fiery one, fiery spirit, and fiery heart" i believe correct me if im wrong but ill never look at this page again anyways so correcting me is futile
My name is Aidan and it means fire like spirit
Aidan is fire and funny!
Hey, Aidan's my name
My name is aidan and it means (what i am) smart, funny, and an athletic person. (Yeah im the complete package)
Aidan is my nephew and he is the best kid in the world.
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