Meaning of the name Ala:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Arabic
this is a girl name and it means God's blessings
Ok. People in here are saying that its a males no females name; but, they sound the same in English; but, in Arabic it sounds different . So if its Ala, the male than it means highest or the superior. And if its Ala the female than it means blessing. And in Italian they say Ala, the wing of a bird. I know this cause Im a female with that name and I live in Italy and one of my male friends have this name so here you go! ;)
The best at every thing.
alla means god belessings
it actually means the name of the god
It a girl's name and it mean's part of a enderflies wing ^-^
Good and smart
its a girl or boy name in english but in arabic its a girl name the boy one sounds different (im arabic) so recognize!!!
It's my name. It certainly is a male's name, and it means the Highness.
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