Meaning of the name Alexa:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
Adorable sweet and very intelligent
A good girl, smart loves animals good at sports
alexa means loves dogs tomboy smart tons of friends
alexa means smart caresmatic and loving
my name is alexa and its after Alexander the Great, a protector and explorer. it means you are protective and loyal. you have many people follow ur lead. :) THATS THE REAL MEANING
It means prtector of mankind, beutiful, strong, smart indpendent, girl and i am glad to be one.
pure awesomeness ok an alexa was born to love potatoes~
pretty awsome adorable sweet my name is alexa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and it also means stuning
Alexa means a person who is very intelligent, fun, and outgoing. A very loyal person who would do anything for anyone. Overall, a beautiful person inside and out.
Alexa means smart fun protector of men slight tomboy loves animals mildy aggressive lots of friends funny/weird
nABz hSBAZyhalzb
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