Meaning of the name Alexis:
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Gender: Male & Female
Usage: German, French, English, Greek, Ancient Greek
pretty, confident, intelligent, & nice girl
Anyone that has something negative to think about their Alexis that's their opinion obviously their haters ... all the Alexis's are probably sweet and kind and don't worry about anything anyone says about your name ... i love the name i just named my daughter Alexis and i get compliments on it all the time about how it means thoughtful person. :-)
thoghtful person who stands for what they believe in
funny and not mean!
the coolest person you will ever meet who has a big heart and spreads joy to everyone she meets
alexis means a very awesome person no mater way other people and I am very talkitive
Okay well I just wanted to see what my name meant and I got it. My name is Alexis im 12 and I think that it suits me ask any of my friends and the description is pretty, confident, intelligent, & nice girl and I'm not a bully or stuck up.
my name means im beautiful in everyway and everyone loves me. it also means that i have the guts to say that i am beautiful in every way so back off peeps. woooo!!!
well my name is alexis and i am not like that i am sweet but srear endy girl that come out as talkive but very sweet and funny and a great girl to tlk to about anything so thank u for nothing toi all u haters that kjeep saying bad thinga about my name and i qulndnt do that t u because i dont even no u so keep ur mouth close about my name because u dont no nothing anout me or my name so giod day wih u and ur nbame bye and thank u
my name alexis i love it and i am the cuties girl in my clrear end room
ummm my names alexis,& i don't like most of these've all got to get a life except for the people who agree with,i suggest you quit or else.
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