Meaning of the name Ælfþryð:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Anglo-Saxon
>,> You retards, Anglo-Saxon is Old English... the AE makes an A sound as in hat and the p-shaped letter makes th sound as in then and the d-shaped letter makes a th sound as in thin... Ugh, AElf might be elf... I don't know, I'm going on Icelandic and what little Old English I know...
omg ............... thats sooo happy
thats just weird
Really people! What if that was your name. I have always learned treat other people the way you want to be treated.
is that nameegyption or something cause i cant understand it
no happy not happy
ROFL WHAT THE gently caress
what the heck does that mean who would name there kid that the peoplewho name there kids thatare retarded weird and messed up
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