Meaning of the name Ali:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Arabic
the person who is great and one the name of god according to muslims
ali means you have a talent in art and ur a wonderful person that likes to cheer up ur friends when they are down
My name is ali and i am really friendly and intelligent
It was the name of Prophetr Muhammad's cosin and son-in-law and it is one of the ninety-nine attributes of God. It means excellent,high, greatest, everlasted, noble and sublime.
Thanks For The Compliments On Mi Name , Buhh i Think Ali Means That Its Funny loveii Weird Crazy Loud
In my school there is a boy in my clrear end thats name is Ali and nobody talks about his name.
it means high in arabic
the name ali is beautiful
Beastie and awesome.... the weird thing is that i do everything that the 5th comment says
Sublime, exalted, high, noble (exalted nature)
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