Meaning of the name Alice:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English, French, Portuguese, Italian
Alice truly means a strong individual emotionally and mentally however when hurt will take time to bounce back but will learn from mistakes. Oftens says what's on your mind can be very blunt but sarcastic humor. Can come off hard in exterior but very loving sensitive smart quick witted talented gentle nature bossy when need to be family oriented very old soul
i have a friend named Alice. she is awesome and is pretty,smart,talkative,funny,and out-going
loves to hang out with friend and has very intresting ideas but is loud and at some times obnoxous she sees the bright side in things and loves to care for people
Alice means noble or of the nobility
Noble or Kind and team alice all the way
It means you are open and hardly ever short of something to say. You express your feelings and are hardly ever lonely. You get along with lots of people and they like you because your happy
Alice:relaxed and prear endionate sometimes protective and sensitive
Alice is from Wonderland >_>
alice means funny and wierd
lol my name is alice too but i wont eat youu
noble kind trustworthy and honest u weirdos!!!!!
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