Meaning of the name Alícia:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Catalan, Portuguese
Alicia means loving,caring,smart,and she knows how to change your life.It means shes christian and that she want hurt you in any kind of way that means that she is the baby sister you cherish and love.Thank you for your support and love to take your time and to think of how she is the most important person that you thi nk of
truthful and good to all it means beautiful inside and out
no it dont man it means shes beautiful kind funny and awsome
Definition: someone who knows how to change your life and who makes you better person inside. Smart, faithful, caring, beautiful, loving, creative, funny, genuine.
Alicia is the baby sister that can be really annoying but you know you love her. She can be really sweet and really funny but when it comes to coosing friends she may be a little lost
The English form of Alice
It means that you are beautiful in side and out.
It meens you can be a little norty sometimes but after everyone forgives you
alicias awsome
alicia means happiness caring love cute smart agressive popular talented nice pretty and more
best friend u could ever hope for
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