Meaning of the name Alison:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English, French
Alison means kind, amazing, funny, smart, bubbly, outgoing, a little wacky at times, always is there to help, and never, ever, gives up on her dreams. I should know.
Alison means a person who is funny, weird and smart who is very pretty and can follow her dreams and will be something amazing when she grows up.
A person who cares about others and their feelings.A person who looooooovvvvvvveeeeeeessssss her crazy friends
i think it means smart and talented woman. A wonderful and curious learner, a hardworking and mostly honest person trying to find their way in the world.
Alison is a person who will never give up, no matter what you tell her. I should know, because my best friend is Alison.
I think Alison means someone who yoou can deppend on! She will be as tall as you want her and then some! She isn't a hater, more like a hugger! She may joke around with you but she's always honest! She may run funny but loves sports! She loves her friends like they're family, and her family her family like her friends! She can make you laugh! She is smart and talented and you should never be disappointed in her! She will grow to be beutiful like a model, but have a serious career! All in all I think that Alison Means awsome!
Alison means daughter of a king and queen. To be sweet yet rebellious,
Alison means a actress.She can act out anything and should one day be a Hollywood actress and famous for it.
Alison is my name and it is cool and it means an awesome, fun loving,beautiful girl who never gives up on anything
Alison is my super crazy best friend!!!!!!
someone who lives their life not caring what others think and shake off the drama and prove to people that you are better then they think you are!
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