Meaning of the name Alix:
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Gender: Female
Usage: French
Alix is usually picked on as Alex is a boy. All the Alix out there don't listen to them !!!! xxx
I'm not french I'm a girl and it is short for alixandra. Alix is unique but can still fit in with her friends in her own way. Alix is a name that gets commented on for its unique quality. Alix means defender of man kind. Alix may be shy and sweet on the outside but on the inside is brave and strong. She is complicated and unlike some cannot be read easily.
Alixx Is a Really Pretty Name!!I Hope People dont put rude commentsz!!?
i dont know what it means, but its my name, and i.m not french\
my name is just alix...just alix
Alix litterally means Defender of man kind,Just look on any site.Please do not hate on this name. Cops look at these comments and track down cyber-bullying!
I dunno. :P this is my name but i am NOT french. I like my name alot :D even my character's name on a game is alix. I would never think of changing my name. I loce it alot =D Well bye, im gonna go look up what Brielle means. Its me sisters name =P
my name is allix and im a girl and i get a lot of comments about my name!
My name is Alixandra I'm not French but my nickname was Ali,but now my brother wants it to be Alix,I might stick with it.which means I'm defender of mankind!like an rear endrear endin!
my name is alix , im not a french gal, its not short for anything , my mom just named me after my dad but im a girl so she put an "I" instead of "E" its pretty awesome that its french . Alix means : brave . strong . and determined. definatly defender of man kind . people do make rude and odd comments about my name . but ive learned to deal with it . i hope nobody gives this name any bad thought about it ,be proud of your name .
my friend is called alix she nice, i luv dis name
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