Meaning of the name Aliya:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Arabic
It definitely does not mean fat. Whoever submitted that is extremely rude. In fact, I know an Aliya who is small and skinny, so you should really know what you are talking about before you make generalizations about someone because of their name. Means "Heavenly" or "Up to Heaven"
Intelligent, beautiful, Ruler
Hevenly up to heven
honest, truthful, wonderful person
Aliya means amazing, gorgous, lovey, hot, and amazing, and has an amazing boyyy.
beautiful and gorgeous and loud and goooooofy and loves to laugh
beautiful lovely and loves the lord and is smart and good at everything she does
shes awsome cool and popular and not to mention really nice
fjboijhoikjogkjikmhjmog;jktojkhokgjhoitojkokdjiikjhjikdjgi fine person I will spam this loving this cuz the name Aliya is a dum name gently caresser
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