Meaning of the name Aliyah:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Arabic
Praised high in God. From Aliyah (me).
aliyah- smart,fun,cool
helll yeahhhh ; youuu alreadyy knoeee cuhhhh[: ahhaaha lmfaoo ; ii lovee whoevahh putt dhatt fo'shooo Boooo
a gift from up above
aliyah- smart,fun,cool
the best person ever Aliyah is sooooo hot and funny everything a dude wants!
Aliyah is lovexxyyyyy as fuhhh brahhh [: &+ dhats a known facttt cuhhhh
aliyah is effing lovexy
actully my name is aliyah,and it means one of high social standards,and im sick of my friends and teachers spelling it like aliya,or aleah,or aliea.
Aliyah - crazy, beautiful, outgoing, amazing friend, doesnt care what people think of her (:
A fine person That is Tazpia"s Friend Who Can't Say brown To Meface
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