Meaning of the name Allen:
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Gender: Male
Usage: English, Scottish
My name is allen and that name belongs to a sweet kinda indavidual some anger problems but a great friend and really good gently caress
iy means you are a survivor, and you never give up
just awsome
Allen is a very caring & nice friend. When you need someone to talk to he's there. He is a sweet guy with a heart always to help someone
Allen means that he will always have his families back never forgetting who they are. he is the son of the lord god. He is a god fearing christian, that is loving and cares for others,.
he can be sweet when he wants to but is sometimes very mean and he loves dirty things lik love,foam,cats,
allen is a verry sweet person an shouldnt be made fun of an any one who takes wat has been sayed offenceive its not true bc mi best friends name is allen an he 8is an amazing person an a great friend
A guy that I really sweet , caring , loving , nice , smart , athletic and super cute w/ an Adoriblee voice
originally means little rock
Strong, outgoing. Wont take your crap, shouldnt fight with
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