Meaning of the name Amanda:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Scandinavian, Dutch, German, Finnish, Late Roman
worthy of love, the beloved one...Usually an outgoing character with a bold personality. Beautiful, smart, and funny.
Amanda is a name of Latin origin meaning worthy of love, enjoys making others happy,she is truly exceptional.the heart of one how feels the pain of others. she is a person of great. is master of her own destiny. she lives each day in happiness, believes she has the best in everything
this name means a good and loveable friend
Amanda means Intelligent,lovable,pretty,awesome,popular!
she is super awsome and sweet
beautiful and lovable
she is beautiful
It means beloved of God and worthy of love... as are all of Gods creatures even the rude and immature one
caring, funny, loveable, brave, lovey, crazy, honest, hot,
Amanda means worthy of love. If your name is Amanda it means your out going, and dont care what people think of you. You love others and belive the for the best things in life.
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