Meaning of the name Amélie:
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Gender: Female
Usage: French
amelie means something awesome i just know it!!!!!! :)
Amelie is the awesomest friend I still have from kindergarten. I don't know how to put the accent on the e but there is still one there. Amelie is super sweet and nice. She is really smart and really cute.Like puppy dog cute. Amelie will be very successful. She is always full of good ideas. She is organized and always keeps things neat. She is so cool and nice and is a great friend.
A athleticM marvelousE educatedL lovedI inspirationalE exitable
my name is Amelie and I think it's a very beautiful name! shame on you who thinks this name doesn't rock! I was named after a movie called Amelie and I am intelligent and attractive and funny and cute and strong and hard-working! i think it's a really pretty name and i love it a lot. nobody make fun of this name because i love it and nobody is gonna say i don't!
it is a name from the movie amelie that i like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Awesome! Weird! Somewhat shy! Tough! Just COOL! Best friend ever :)
amelie: named after the greek goddess aphrodite, means: strong beautiful,intellagent, and stunning. looked it up on another site and i am inlove with my name it is amazing so sucks for u who hate it.
Means I am amazing
Amelie is the name of a old movie.Ami is the nickname for you if its your name.
Strong; Intelligent; Hard-Working; Generous. I got my name because of my Great-Great Aunt Amelie. I don't know why, but we call her Aunt Lilly.
Little Worker
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