Meaning of the name Anabela:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Portuguese
Nossa lindos *--*EU ADORO ANABELA HAHA'nossa aqelua ali ta maior do que do pe9 da menina mais e PERFEITO e a 4ba FOTO.Diva te convido para participar do sorteio do meu blog,espero vocea le1 viu no meu cantinho e com sua participae7e3o. ULTIMO DIA PARA PARTICIPAR.Bezos Rawr =^^= ------->
it means that anabela is the rudist person in history i hate that stupid freaking name
it means that im stupid because its my name hhah
it means that your best frind hates u
Anabela is actual my name and I have been doing some research to find out what it means and I have finally found it means beautiful and don't mind your friends when they say that all names mean that all names are different and unique in there own way :)
samrt nd beauutifull
nice ..samrt talenetd and prettyy
idk weird.?
what does the name Anabela mean
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