Meaning of the name Anaïs:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Proven├žal, Catalan, French
Anais is that cute little bunny in "The Amazing World Of Gumball" on Cartoon Network.
in french it means "a bowl of fruit"in hebrew it means "grace"
anais means graceful
Anais means special ,cool,crazy and wild Anais is a random but a special name no one can be anais except that special someone
super cool name! you invited me to a costume party!!:D
anais means angel of sun she is my bff!
Anais is the pefect girl because personaly a girl in my clrear end is named anais and she is my best friend and i love her
it means beautiful and sunny
It also means graceful,funny,sweet, comes from France and is a french flower.
Anais is a beautiful name for a girl
Anais means "godess of love" in persian
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