Meaning of the name Ângela:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Portuguese
It means you sometimes think of the oddest things. You love music. You can be mysterious at times but, that is because there is something different about you. You have a huge heart. You sometimes have troubles with friends, normally they get resolved easily. You love to sing. You love to read. When you love somebody, you really love them.... your not one of those girls who like one person for one week and than a different person the next. Last but not least, your smart and you love your friends and family more than the world knows. Even if you don't act like it sometimes.
in Greek: it means "Heavenly Messenger" or/and "Messenger from God"my name is Angela Faith. and its usually hard to find someone name with Angela.
all the name angela means is the angel of all angel's
I think it means angel
Hmmm. i think it means angel like in spanish.
Psalms 91:11 in the Holy Bible. The Greek considered Angela to be a heavenly messenger of God. "He shall send his Angels to watch over thee and keep thee in all thy ways."
It means 'Angel'
it means a lovable person
Angela is way diffrent from anel, just because you just add the A at the end doesnt mean its simular to angel. you guys must be stupid.(P.S my name is Angela. so Angela is loving caring and all that crap. UR WELCOME!
I believe what they said, because I read it and it sounds just like me. I chose Portuguese because my mom travels to Brazil a lot; I never new what my name meant in that language.
My name is angela and I think of love and care and evil with a pitch of awsomeness!
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