Meaning of the name Ara:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Armenian, Mythology
Means cute and beautiful! Love this name!
ara mens loveing hartkareing fun goodperson to be araund withit is also a nick name for aranxa
a buetiful person with a loving pernality who is fun to be around
It's Arminian
it is a lovely name for girlzz
only hyes have this name!!!!!! Me mornar mer hyatyoonu menk shad anoushig anoon oonink an esheruh vor geh krengor aboosh paner bogh en. Armenians for eternity!!!!!! Yalla shoorch bar ehreh!!!!!!
it means a smart little girl or a good reader.
and it just a girl name NOT A STUPID BOYS NAME
Ara is my dad's name and that's why I typed it in, in the first place
IS A GIRLS NAMES who ever put male names is stupid and ghettio
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