Meaning of the name Aramis:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Literature
well aramis is my freind and a nice caring person once u meet him u'll never 4get him!
it my name and iam a girl and it dont said right when a boy have the same name to a good name for a boy is armoni
hi all the aramis people out there be prooud of ur name!!!! ;)
my name is aramis and i am awsome
Hotty. Cute. lovey. Hot. Beautiful. Freakn' lovey.
All the single ladies!! Eat Ur pants!!
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aramis is my brothers name and he is funny outgoing and puts a little light in the darkest of situations. aramis is a kool name and it means to always look on the bright side even in the worst problems and to always believe in yourself.
poor poor spirit but a kind soul
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