Meaning of the name Ariel:
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Gender: Male & Female
Usage: Biblical, Hebrew, English, French, Biblical Greek
Means beauty in every way shape and form, means they enjoy life and take every breath like its the last. They belong in fame. name in lights, are worthy of having the world but have to be humble, can be stubborn and fine persony but can be as sweet as honey and yet bitter.
ariel means beautiful
The true meaning of Ariel is the Lion or Lioness(it can be used for a boy as well) of god.
She's my best friend and she is the most AWESOME person I've ever met!
lmao ookk im guessing it means beautiful and silly ....and the lion/ness of god.
My name is Ariel and I am beautiful and very silly
Ariel is a name that means beautiful , fun , silly , can be off sometimes . Cus thats me . My name is Ariel too !! :)
whoever said Ariel is happy im NOT get dat straight im laid back nice funny stylish!! popular nd got alot of boys falling for me!!does that seem happy NO it dont Ariel is the best name ever!!!! hey all the other Ariels'
Ariel is my name soo happy it means beautiful cuz i am!
it means u r beatiful
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