Meaning of the name Armando:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Spanish, Italian, Portuguese
gggooodddd looking, nice sweet talented,gentle,nd romantic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A lovey guy that funny , nice and a gentelmen because this is what I think of my crush
armando means a lazy undetermined person armando is a person who palys with peoples emotions and is not carring he is a snobby bratie thinks he knows everything type of person
A loyal person that does not play around with peoples emotions
it means cute cz dhatz myy bros name
Armando is a name that means a person that isn't afraid to expressive himself and is very kind, sweet , and cute. They are smart, and very brave and isn't afraid of anything. Armando is a type of person who you would want to love and be with. They love animals and is very energetic. :)
It means soldier
Armando is a name rear endociated with great faith in God a man who will lay down his life for family and friends and give the shirt off his back to help others
It actually means the destructor in Puerto Rican spanish and to equip with arms in Latin
(ill x ill) (Dope+Dope)= Armando
a jolly olly man
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