Meaning of the name Artemis:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Greek Mythology
Virgin goddess of the hunt, wilderness, wild animals, childbirth and plague. In later times she became rear endociated with the moon. She is the daughter of Zeus and Leto, and twin sister of Apollo. In art she was usually depicted as a young woman dressed in a short knee-length chiton and equipped with a hunting bow and a quiver of arrows. In addition to the bow, her attributes include hunting spears, animal pelts, deer and other wild animals. Her sacred animals are deer, bears, and wild boars.
the godess of hunt and sister of apollo also known as the godess of the moon, her name means hunter ,she has apprentices that when they swear them self to artemis they become imortal but they can never fall in love with anyone again...
the hunteress,godess of the hunt, thy fair lady of the moon, young ,protecter of maidens,
the name generally means hunter.
I like both ATHENA AND ARTEMIS AND THEIR THE BEST!!!!!!!! and it means huntress!!!
my nickname is Artemis, i think she is awesome, i love her principles ( except 4 the no boys thing,id have to give up some of my best friends),and what she stands for. Artemis, U ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Artemis and Athena are the best goddess' ever, Artemis means huntress and Athena means wisdom.
The meaning of Artemis is not certain. It may be from 'artemes' (strong-limbed), or 'artao' (I cut up) - the Spartans called her Artamis. Or her name may be from 'airo themis' (lofty convenor, or lofty water). Artemis was the ancient Greek goddess of the hunt. Twin to Apollo, Artemis was a patron of virgins and hunters. She is therefore both butcher and protectress, though it is uncertain whether either of these words truly contribute to her name. In later legend, she was conflated with Diana, Roman goddess of the moon. She is also known as Phoebe (related to Apollo's pillowle "Phoebus) and Cynthia (as she was born on Mount Cynthus).
I love Artemis! She's my fave greek godess.
Goddess of the Hunt and Moon, twin sister of Apollo, God of the Sun and Music, daughter of Zeus, and a wonderful person
Artemis is the goddess of the Hunt, and the goddess of the moon. She travels with her hunters around the world defeating monsters. Is a maiden goddess.
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