Meaning of the name Ashley:
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Gender: Male & Female
Usage: English
ASHLEY: very sweet, caring, awsome, loves to party, loves guys, down to earth, bestfriends with everyone! bty im an ASHLEY!!(: i love all ashley's and everyone eles!!(:
this name means its a beautiful wonderful person!:)
Ashley-beautiful,smart,up to party,finds thiere true love young,close friends who name is Ashley,and i love it.
ashley means to be friendly and brave.
Amazing,kind,fun,loving,and fun to hang around with
nice fun person
Me!! So beautiful and smart
all u freakin people that talk bad about thename ashley dont ever again cuz i hav a sis thats name is ashley and shes awesome and if u hate the name so much why'd u look it up???
Yea I'm an Ashley and I absolutey love it.I love guys and I love to party and everythingElse that they said... This name is a very beautifulName and all they said about friends and findingYour true love young it's true I found mine... And I absolutey love him he is the best boyfriend I have ever had :) and idk who would name there son Ashley... Well I hope anybody that has the name Ashley will find there true love and everything else so good luck to anybody that has this name :)
everyone wants to be around ashley
It means Beautiful Meadow in Spanish
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