Meaning of the name Atticus:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Literature
a wise, patient, courageous, handsome young man.
My dog is named Atticus and he is sooooooooooo cute
atticus mitchell is a hot smart loving caring young man (: you are just jealous that he doesnt know you exist
a nice boy who will never like me back
Atticus michell Waz off of my babysitters a vampire is a adoradble and CUTE!!! But too bad I don't live in California
Preety Little Boy
Wise, patient
Strong, wise, thoughtful. Once good-looking, now older. Has glrear endes. can shoot very well.
The name of the honorable character of Atticus Finch in Haper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird
Atticus Dean Mitchell.
Atticus Mitchell rules!!!!
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