Meaning of the name Audra:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Lithuanian
My name is Audra and it means noble strength and it is actually English.
audra is the smartest nicest bravest prettiest girl around.and its a beautiful name!!!
Audra means awesome
audra can be a derivitive of audrey, which means strength and nobility, or it is lithuanian, meaning storm.
i luv the nam
this name means strong and beatuful and brave.
Audra is a wonderful name audra is a very nice friendly person!
My name is Audra and it means either storm or noble strength...I speak my mind and people either love me or hate me
My name is Audra Lyons and my name does mean noble strength. I am a bubbly, lively person who is not afraid of new things! I love Jesus with all my heart and thrive to live in such a way people no it when they meet me. :)
Loves God and very sweet and kind. Does what she loves. For
My name is Audra and I am the nicest and prettiest girl around!
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