Meaning of the name Aurea:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Portuguese
bonita raylene burch
My mother is cunetrrly battling stage IV lung cancer, she never smoked a day in her life! One of the annoying questions people ask is did she smoke? like she deserved it if she did. The stigma to smoking and lung cancer is hard to shake off which is probably why it has the least research funding as other cancers despite it being the #1 cancer killer. Anyways just had to throw it out there. Anyone can get lung cancer not just smokers. (November happens to be Lung Cancer Awareness Month which not many people are aware of.)Your memory of our grandfather is lovely and it's a plus that you have that memory in a bottle. Your review makes me want to rush out and try Tabac Aurea. I love tobacco notes. My favorite at the moment is Miel et Sauvage by an indie perfumer. The tobacco is center stage and it's a bright one, there's a bit of a tang and sweetness. It's sharp, clean, and dry with not hint of smoke at all. A cross between dry tobacco leaves and the tobacco flower. It's lovely!
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