Meaning of the name Babar:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Pakistani
an elephant prince in a cartoon
hay thats rood
shut up you fools , babar is a name
Babar means 'Lion'. The person who wrote down 'sounds like a stammering retard' will begin to learn something useful one day. We will all pray for you. May God have mercy on you and not give you stammering children that are retarded.
Shut up you foooooollllllsss
you are all idiots and don't know what this name means, there are actual people called babar and say you meet one and they see this and find out it's you! they are gonna kill you!(this message excludes those with nice messages!)
listen people of the world, there are actual people with the name babar, and that's for life. So next time you post a mean comment about someones name, think about how it would make them feel if they found out that opinion, they would remember it for the rest of their life, and they would think about whether their name is stupid or not. Oh, and if you really do think it's a stupid name, well you obviously care about it as you have bothered to take otu your time to find a website with name meanings, search up this name, and be mean about it. Why do I care? Because my name is Babar.
the person who wrote Sounds like stammering retard, is an idiotic foolish person
the person who wrote, ugllyyy biggg noseee ugly fine personhh donttt doo poo poott alll talkkk neva gg goo get someee she nedd to hoppp offf marques&&&&trevors dogkkk(: LMFAO, is a complete ********* and i hate him
a elephant what a stupid name for a person
itss bar
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