Meaning of the name Bacchus:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Greek Mythology (Latinized)
I mean God or Goddess of bread and wine. My surname is Bacchus and my favourite food is bread and my favourite drink is wine. I drink it when my Auntie buys it. There is a God of wine called Bacchus. I think I am a Goddess of bread and wine because I am always looking for wine and if if my Auntie does not buy it I always tell her to do so. I also thirst for bread and wine so I think I am the Goddess of bread and wine.
greek god of wine and merriment or something
All things cosindreed, this is a first clrear end post
gurneet means something i don't know because their are no results.
ashleen means dream
jeevan means life.
Not god of bread god of the vine revelry wine and grapes not bread and he and appolo are my favorite
God or Goddes of bread and wine.
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