Meaning of the name Bailee:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English (Modern)
Sweetheart , beautiful , very mature in certin areas . Heart broken easily .. Falls way to hard for guys fast! A truth worthy person . Good friend .
Beautiful, and nice
im tough,smart,generous,love nature,football funny beautiful,outgoing,only because my name is bailee
Funny,outgoing,beautiful,nice,smart that's my friend Bailee
my name is baeli and i am funny,smart, pretty and a nice person: )
I'm the same as the first one! I'm a sweetheart, beautiful, very mature in certin areas. Heart broken easily... falls way to hart for guys fast! A truth worthy person. Good friend!!!
yes she does play softball ive been playing softball since i was 5
Its Irish and it mean kind hearted good natured outgoing but can be tough if she needs to :0 i speak for all bailees :)
she is super hot and lovey
ok this is my sisters name next person who puts something mean on here think of this my sis is popular beautiful any guy would love 2 date her smart and can out cheer all yalls ends she is hiarious the best sis in da world so ha to all yall haters and she doesnt dirty dance you freaks put she can get mad easily but you really have 2 push some endons to get there so think about it! ha
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