Meaning of the name Bailee:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English (Modern)
Sweetheart , beautiful , very mature in certin areas . Heart broken easily .. Falls way to hard for guys fast! A truth worthy person . Good friend .
Beautiful, and nice
im tough,smart,generous,love nature,football funny beautiful,outgoing,only because my name is bailee
Funny,outgoing,beautiful,nice,smart that's my friend Bailee
my name is baeli and i am funny,smart, pretty and a nice person: )
I'm the same as the first one! I'm a sweetheart, beautiful, very mature in certin areas. Heart broken easily... falls way to hart for guys fast! A truth worthy person. Good friend!!!
yes she does play softball ive been playing softball since i was 5
Its Irish and it mean kind hearted good natured outgoing but can be tough if she needs to :0 i speak for all bailees :)
she is super hot and lovey
ALi jan, that is a heck of a lot for ONE MAN in a YEAR:) Bravo my friend isn't it aizmang how we don't see all that we do and being put down on a list as such just brings it into a much clearer and wider perspective..aye?!!! Best wishes to you and many more new/happening/ongoing projects to follow
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