Meaning of the name Baldo:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Italian
someone bald lol
I love that movie
Thanks everyone for tankig the time to leave a comment. I'm glad you found the post helpful.Veronica, there is no one point in which you can say I'm finally good enough. Because hopefully we are always evolving in everything we do, particularly the work we do as artists.There is always a level of work available, to match the level at which you believe' you are at right now. You build up from that with experience and confidence.Confidence being the most important of the two in my opinion. Be clear in the solutions you offer your prospective clients.Shana, You're right. The perfect market for you today may not be 12 months from now. Not only do opportunities in markets change as markets themselves change. Your definition of success may change as well forcing you to reevaluate your market choice, style of work, business model and fee structure etc.Maria, any market you choose, you'll need a deep understanding of. Likes, dislikes, what problems they have, solutions you offer, trends, lifestyle, etc.Only then can you decide whether the market is a good fit for your work, OR you can create work specific to your choice market.
is a amazing name
stop it with the false bravado
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