Meaning of the name Balendin:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Basque
6 and don't read into any of this. what I said is what I meant. you have to jsut let me go cause if you don't then you will be doing this forever. I don't want to be a burden. I WILL BE JUST FINE BY MYSELF I PROMISE:) YOU WANT TO MAKE ME FEEL BETTER???? THAN BE HAPPY FOR ME :D
5 you are still very special to me and if you ever feel alone you know you can talk to me. even if its only one night I'm always there. I want you to meet a new guy, one you really like, one that will take care of you and keep you safe and loves you like I do. and I hope he's everything you want and more. honestly I mean that with all my heart.
4 and its not your fault!! I repeat NOT YOUR FAULT!! this is my doing. I had two choices and I chose the wrong one. please don't feel guilty that just makes me feel like brown cause I feel like I'm bothering you and that's the last thing I wanna do. I just want you to be happy, I feel like iv sent you on a guilt trip and I didn't want that not at all.
3 and its not like I don't appreciate all this. I really do it is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me by far and I can't thank you enough but its not working. I have accepted being alone because I don't know how to form connections with people anymore
2 that's why you have to give up. ill never change EVER that's a promise. I feel like I'm holding you back, you have to move forward with your life cause mine is going no where and no one wants to be with someone like that. you have to give up on me cause I won't give up on you.
1 its not going to work. even if I did have love or form a relationship with another girl, I wouldn't be over you, I don't think ill ever be. the only reason why I get on this website is because I believe its you. if it were anyone else I would have quit a long time ago. no one will ever be as good as you to me.
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