Meaning of the name Barbara:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English, Italian, French, German, Polish, Hungarian, Slovene, Croatian, Late Roman
someone who you don't mess with but she is still the nicest person you'll meet
A beautiful woman who is not only strong but loving and full of grapillowude! She falls in love at least twice a day... Until she finds the right one and falls madly in love with him.You will not find many Barbaras around but when you do you will know that they are special. They have a sertian energy that makes them you feel happy, loved, and cared for!!!
It means loving, kind, strong, the best mom and grandma and wife there is. its just that simple....
someone who is inteeligent and smart and smiles alot!
1 word LOVING
strong and independent...
Barbara means a really nice person that would be like your bestest friend or girlfriend she is only mean to people who mess with her but hates fighting and making people sad. Barbara hates people who try to be like her. She is also very sensitive and caring but DO NOT COPY HER OR SHE WILL BE YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE!
someone who is really nice, athletic, smart, and strong
a strong and loving person
It means you are fine person hooooor .also you like sucking dog. And swallow..... Also you are a dirty hoe and a you are a player. If you are a barbara go gently caress yourself
my favoite techer that is very nicei love her
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