Meaning of the name Beverly:
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Gender: Male & Female
Usage: English
to all the Beverlys in the world we r kind happy go lucky we take care of family friends , we extend help wherever we can b of help. we know how to listen and we know when take action, we carry our name well,we r also terrific mom wifes sisters and daughters that is what it means to b Beverly
beverly means beutiful
my mommys name is beverly and it means beautiful, kind, and caring. she spoils her only kid rotten.....she likes to spend money....and shes crazy af!! haha :)
Strong, Confident, Generous and Grounded.Beautiful Spirit and Loving.
loving , kind and beutifal
from the meadows
Proud to be a Beverly!
The name Beverly means kind hearted, loving, and will give her last dime to anyone in need, even if it means that she goes without. Beverly will make a way out of no way before she will break down and ask anyone for help other than God..Beverly is beautiful both inside and out. A loving Mother,Sister,Daughter,Auntie, Grandmother,and friend. Beverly truly loves the Lord. All these things I can say without a doubt because Beverly is me!
Beaver dam
I am so proud to be a Beverly...
everybody loves my name... beverly is a pretty name and will always be a pretty name!!!
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