Meaning of the name Billie:
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Gender: Male & Female
Usage: English
Billie is strong willed different amazing at love and sweet To everyone but has a unique spicey side to her that if you mess with her or her friends she will snap big time !
billi is different and unique for a girl because that's my name
my names bille :D & i agree , i AM all these things
Billie is my bff name she I'd better than all you billies she is dume in a funny way she is a one in a kind my names shauna and I can*tell you this my billie is the best in the world
amazing, GORGEOUS, and very talented
hey!thats my name to!people say that its a boy name but dont let them bother you.;)
My names billie-love
Billie Jean
i have a friend named billie and she is a dramma queen and a brager
Billie Joe is amazing
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