Meaning of the name Boris:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Bulgarian, Russian, Slovene, German, History
Um I think that's just well don't Get me started its a horrid name
The name Boris is derived from the word "Borees" meaning "to fight". Thus, the name means fighter or someone who fights or doesn't give up.
My name is Boris and i'm lovey nice, and a good fighter and i never give up on something that i start
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boris is not a horrible name i acually like it
My name is Boris (and I am lovey as a beast). The name Boris means "warrior". We are a kind and gentle people (people with the name of Boris)just don't get on our bad side.
your an idot
This is the name of my lover and hopefully he'll never see this but.... I LOVE YOU
this name means proud rider of horses
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