Meaning of the name Brit:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Norwegian
brit is a beautiful girl who has a great body and dirty blonde hair that goes a little bit past her shoulders. she has a very unique style and is proud of that fact since everybody likes her clothes. she likes to talk but doesnt exactly do it too much. however the only time she ever really likes being silent is when shes around a hot boy because shes afraid she might embarrear end herself in front of him. shes really sweet most of the time but does have an atpillowude trust me on that one. shes strong so dont mess with her cuz she can beat u up. but she doesnt really ever hav a need to beat any one up since shes popular and everyone likes her well exept for some of the teachers but hey teachers will be teachers. she really does not like it when people annoy her but she tries not to show it, that doesnt always work out. so i gave some detail but the point is brit is beautiful, has a great personality, and almost everyone likes her! by the way my names not brit :)
Is a active, really pretty girl that gets all the guys in a good way, nice and caring, and popular.
An Awesome person who loves to draw, sing, and read.(:
She is am lovely lady SMART CARING
brit britney
brit br
it a boy
a meanly cool person
Its funny cuz its norwegian but its the shortened version of britain
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