Meaning of the name Bronte:
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Gender: Male & Female
Usage: English (Rare)
super awesome cool
easygoing loyal
A girl of Her own loveiness, her own Way In life, Doesn't care what people think. Can Pull Men By The Tip of Her finger One Call of a man And he's there. loving and Wonderful. Very Blissful And Beautiful.
friendly, playful and most loyal friend you could get
Bronte is my best meigo!!!!
SAVAGE and lover of spongebob and yellow and green
Bronte is a type of cheese found in the centre in Australia and also under the Eiffel Tower. Very rare worth lots. cash in now if you found some.
supernaturally mysterious ;)
bronte is a female who gets men and boys drooling at her feet just so they can touch her!Shes popular but romantic and loveable!and she has a wild side! she is her own person and is the most gorgouse female to walk planet earth!
My best friend Bronte and a beast that doesnt care about what other people think of her( btw they thing shes amazing) and she is a true loyal great friend.
not mentally challenged
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