Meaning of the name Cachet:
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Gender: Female
Usage: French
GREAT names! I love love love them. The only ones I don't like at all are Jessica (it just is too common for my taste, and you have so many lveoly unique ones), and Shani (it sounds foreign but doesn't really have any meaning for me.I like the name Lillian a lot, but one thing to keep in mind that name is becoming really, really popular. My mom is a kindergarten teacher and she has THREE Lily/Lilia/Lillians in her clrear end. And two of them have last names starting with M, so they have had to call one Lil. I think the name is definitely cute but I wouldn't want to name my kid something that will be so popular she won't stand on her own.My favorites are Cymbeline and Emanuelle for the combos (I like Emmanuella more though, but maybe it is a family name or something). I think they sound great together.Royalle is a cool name (pronounced roy- al (with the al pronounced like Alison, right?)), and Jewell is great.My parting words of wisdom: don't let people bully/scare you into giving your kids common, basic names. They will tell you your kids will be teased and you will be abusing them by giving them such a name, but my name is Skye and I love having a unique name. Teasing happens no matter what, and as long as you don't name your child Abcdefg or something, you aren't being abusive.
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