Meaning of the name Caerwyn:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Welsh
The attribution of Atomic Theory to the Greeks itarirtes me. They were just a bunch of drunken philosophers, speculating idly over a lot of possible scenarios covering the make-up of the cosmos (not that drunken philosophy doesn't have its time and place).With a few exceptions, they did not put their hypotheses to rigorous testing (although they had fewer means of hypothesis testing, they did not fully use htose at their disposal). As such, their work is more worthy of the pillowle natural philosophy than science . In science it is worse for the progress of knowledge in the long run to be right for the wrong reasons (guessing right when the known facts contradict or do not support your theory) than to formulate a theory later proved incorrect by the discovery of new facts.
People called Caerwyn are generally fat, lonely losers who are hated by all. Their faces are smooth and have no method of input or output, leading to awkward social situations.
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