Meaning of the name Caileigh:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English (Rare)
my girlfriends name is caileigh it means HOT
heyyyy my name is caileigh lol
It means 'Caollaidhe's Heir' which is all spellings of the name 'Caileigh'. It's an Irish clan name meaning decendent of the clan.I loves my name :P xxx
My bb sis's name s Caileigh im not sure wat t mens though.
Youve got it in one. Couldnt have put it bteetr.
my daughters name is caileigh the spelling is Gaelic and it means ' one of the virgin meadows '
I've heard that it's a variant of Irish/Scotch/Gaelic and it means a happy party or a vibrant celebration....
My names Caileigh and I found on another site it means Slim Huntress
my names caileigh and mines spelt different i think its irish
My BFF name is Caileigh it rockz
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