Meaning of the name Cailyn:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English (Modern)
Pretty and awesome
different and sometimes annoyed when people spell her name kaylin and calls her caitlin more than once on purpose
It means pretty, funny, attractive, goddess, smart, wise, loves unicorns! It also means that you have good taste in style! Did I mention pretty? Well, that too. It really means that your just your self. Some other possibilities include: getting nervous easily, and I actually know this is true: Girl
my great friend who is kind, caring, sweet, and crazy! i have known her for all my life and love her! i love you cailyn!
cailyn is the preetiest name in the world:)
Awwww solo true!!! Lola
Always happy! Caring for others .
Cailyn is a name that means trustworthy and beuatiful if you fall in love with a Cailyn don't give up because she's in love to she won't break your heart. Although stunning especially in the eye area dont be afraid to aprouch them as they are generally good hearted and excepting. Cailyn = Elagence
it means... populor,pretty,smart,fun,sweet sometimes a little groutchy,kind,loving,consistant, cool,always try's their best,and very good at character.
Meaning:Pure, alrear end, pretty, me
pretty popular nice girl
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