Meaning of the name Cairistìona:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Scottish
it's write on one you dumb fine person. are you mentally retarded? or just really, really stupid?
it means beautiful and charming and kind you wont regret this when you name your baby
i really dont know i just wanted to be th efirst person to right on the one and i am lokkin for good names for my children
i was reading tuorhgh some of your articles that were saved in my information vault.i read if we are not dumb to a piont that i said to myself you should do some courses in journalism so you could criticize constructively on national issues .am absolutely uncomfortable with the comparism body guard and armed robbery that isn't fair one is a noble profession while the other isn't.every one cant be in the intellectual forefront. who even says that safe guarding others isn't intellectually taskingthen i suggest you be a bit easy with harsh words face the issue and not the personality then i also think that we should also begin to profer ideas to our national problems instead of just boiling in angerit is annoying that turai who should be a mother figure to the nation is highly obsessed for power. but why say she isn't fluent with English knowing that this is common with the northerners.take care broyou keep inspiring me
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