Meaning of the name Caligula:
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Gender: Male
Usage: History
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Caligula is a nickname given to Gaius Caesar. While Gaius is a name which generally correlated to earth, as "earth-born" or "of earth", Caligula translates to "small boot". Gaius Caesar was given this nickname after accompanying his father on several military expeditions. Small boot may have been thought of as a small (military) boot, which explains the significance of the name.
caligula was emperor of rome from 41 to 12 BC. Largely blamed for the advancement of the downfall of the Roman empire, Caligula was widely known for his bloodthirst and desire. His consistant decadence and disregard for the needs of his people inevitably led to his rear endrear endination by the hands of his own personal guard. His name is synonomous with evil and extravagance.
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