Meaning of the name Calista:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English, Portuguese, Spanish
calista means the most beautiful thing ever to be seen by human eyes
Not many people have this name its really rare
mee tooo!!!
My bff is named Calista and her name rocks!
My name is CALISTA! It means : Most Beautifal in greek, And its a christian name for "cup" too!YAY! Calista's are AWESOME!
My name is Calista:) and the meaning is about 90% right!!! thats sooo cool:)
My name is CAli and iy mean firce and butiful
no but my name's calista too and a kid calls me kissta!!!!!!
By some miracule, people with the name "Calista" are Pisces!!!!
Im cali too! cant find mi name though :(
this is my name but it is spelled with a k kali for short
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