Meaning of the name Cameron:
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Gender: Male & Female
Usage: Scottish, English
Can be crazy!
Cool Kidd
the guy that i really really like and everybody needs to learn to love cause he is really sweet!!!
an awesome dude who is crazy, funny, smart, a great friend, and someone who is kind hearted and loves his friends
very obnoxious, but also very sweet
That's right the name Cameron does mean bent noses but 90% of Cameron's don't have bent noses so every Cameron's different in their own speacial way from cams sis Lauren.
A very special, unique person
sweet and smart also beutiful
cameron is an awesome name cause my best friend
i know a person names cameron deere. albany.ny OMGOMGOMGOMG goes to eagle point.YUP i have a crush on him
Crooked nose.
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