Meaning of the name Campbell:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Scottish
campbell is a girl name too!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm a campbell!!!(: :)~
Means smart
campbells are funny
-- my lastt namee iss campbell :)) and every body loves mee :))
all campbells are hot
This name is held high. Likely to be remembered by anyone who comes across us!
im tyler campbell and this is aWESOME
this name means strong female warrior
campbell means the most best person in the whole universe
Campbell is a name that represents just flat out...PERFECTION!! he's the sweetest with brown beautiful eyes that shine like diamonds! He's super duper smart and is just amazingly sweet and if you ever have a chance with a guy named "Campbell" I promise you, it will be hard, but he is sooooo worth it and never let that chance go! :)
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