Meaning of the name Cassidy:
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Gender: Male & Female
Usage: English (Modern)
Nobody can put her down. She is strong and wonderfull in many ways. She will have her fears, but push thru it so most of the time people may think she is fearless. Very High energy. A fighter when she needs to be. (:
clever and funny. Has dreams/hopes to be something great, not necessarily the main character of any show more the goofy, clumsy, funny yet usually favorite best friend to the main character
beautiful, smart and loving
it means good at makeing friends and it also means she is strong and pretty and smart
the funnest person you will ever meet
its a pretty cool name anypne els agree
talk nice about crear endidy its a pretty name:)
a care niceness girl
Crear endidy is Irish for clever xD
It means sweet and funny
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