Meaning of the name Catriona:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Irish, Scottish
Catriona means nice, caring, loving, and brave.
Peceful caring calm
Catriona means my friend who doesn't tallk alot, but when she is around me, she can't stop talking! I love her for every loving caring and thoughtful thing that she has done for me.Very peaceful to be around
catriona means someone with talent but does not know how to show it
Catriona means PURE, and oftenkeeps to herself and keeps many things inside. She is a good friend and is loud around friends but not so much i public.
i ment who knows how to stand up for them self
someone how knows how to stand up for them self
yay i found other people with the name Catriona!!!
Catriona means individual. It means you come up with crazy ideas but never go through with them. You know that phrase "if everyone decided to jump off a bridge, would you jump too?" Catriona is probably the one who is all like "Let's jump off a bridge!!!"
Catriona means my crazy chatterbox of a sister who I can't stop loving no matter what! Shes similar to the Catriona above this comment
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